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One Boulder Plaza consists of three separate buildings.  While at CommArts I was the conceptual designer for 1301 Canyon Boulevard,18oo Broadway, and was the building designer for 1801 13th Street (shown) in addition to being the overall project master planner.  Completed in 2004, this project consists of 2 floors of below grade parking, street level retail and restaurants, and the upper three floors are class A offices.  The centerpiece of One Boulder Plaza is a plaza which converts seasonally from a wintertime ice skating rink to a summertime seating area with a water fountain, restaurant seating, and an expansion area for the Boulder Farmer’s Market. This project was done as a partnership between CommArts and DTJ Design. 

project and philosophies

March 25, 2016

Some new projects we have under way are:

-a major renovation of the Arapahoe Village shopping center.

-a new Lucky's Market in Table Mesa Shopping Center as well as Coral Springs Florida and Traverse City Michigan

-a new 11 acre retail center in Lafayette for WW Reynolds

-an addition to the Fate Brewpub in Boulder


My favorite job site picture.

I stumbled across this while looking at some past projects images and is simply my favorite job-site picture ever.

This was taken while under construction on the Diagonal Mar project in Barcelona for Gerald Hines a while back.

What you are looking at is an image of the 5 story below grade parking structure for the three story retail center that was planned above it.  This project was about 1/2 mile from the ocean, and the static pressure from the water below grade required them to build the structure by digging down as far as they could  (within the area defined by the 7' thick concrete slurry wall).  At that point they had to pour the slab at the 3rd level down to restrain the slurry walls as they were moving in 3-4 cm. a month because of the water pressure.

Then they had to excavate below the slab to create the levels below the slab, at which point the construction project looked more like a mine than a construction site.