denver architect

One Boulder Plaza consists of three separate buildings.  While at CommArts I was the conceptual designer for 1301 Canyon Boulevard,18oo Broadway, and was the building designer for 1801 13th Street (shown) in addition to being the overall project master planner.  Completed in 2004, this project consists of 2 floors of below grade parking, street level retail and restaurants, and the upper three floors are class A offices.  The centerpiece of One Boulder Plaza is a plaza which converts seasonally from a wintertime ice skating rink to a summertime seating area with a water fountain, restaurant seating, and an expansion area for the Boulder Farmer’s Market. This project was done as a partnership between CommArts and DTJ Design. 

project and philosophies


This is an urban design project for the Longmont Downtown Development Authority. This design is centered around considering ways to improve the downtown experience. Part of this scheme addressed re-routing some of the traffic off of the main street and around to the side streets to make the main street quieter and more pedestrian friendly. Other considerations included changing the zoning to allow more density and increasing the availability of downtown parking. This work was completed while with CommArts.