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One Boulder Plaza consists of three separate buildings.  While at CommArts I was the conceptual designer for 1301 Canyon Boulevard,18oo Broadway, and was the building designer for 1801 13th Street (shown) in addition to being the overall project master planner.  Completed in 2004, this project consists of 2 floors of below grade parking, street level retail and restaurants, and the upper three floors are class A offices.  The centerpiece of One Boulder Plaza is a plaza which converts seasonally from a wintertime ice skating rink to a summertime seating area with a water fountain, restaurant seating, and an expansion area for the Boulder Farmer’s Market. This project was done as a partnership between CommArts and DTJ Design. 

project and philosophies

Urban West Studio, is a full service architectural design firm located in Boulder, Colorado. The firm specializes in commercial architectural services for regional and national, urban mixed-use, commercial office environments,  and retail architecture.  

    Urban West Studio was founded in 2008 by architect and designer, Leonard Thomas.  Leonard  is licensed in Colorado and California and he brings 25 years of design and construction administration experience to the firm.  Prior to Urban West Studio's inception, Leonard was a  Senior Designer with  Communication Arts Inc., a nationally recognized retail design firm.   Leonard has a degree in Architecture from the University of Washington and a Masters Degree in Architecture and Urban Design from Arizona State University. He lives in Boulder with his wife and three children. 

    Urban West Studio is a collaborative architectural environment.  We are able to deliver both small and large projects with an exceptional level of detail and quality at a great value.  Our approach is to illustrate ideas and concepts through three-dimensional models and sketches to explore fully through visualization techniques how a design going will look and feel before the initiation of any formal documents.  In this way the design process remains fluid and flexible for as long as possible.

Our team consists of:

Jim Bray, Architect

Chris Flora, Architect

Phil Blecker, Architect

Michelle Lee, Architect,

Cody McCallister, Architectural Staff

Catherine Pistone-Copper, Admin


The Urban West Studio Core Values

Listening.  The firm strives to give form to a client's vision through creativity.  We listen carefully to your specific needs and become a strategic partner in helping you realize your goals.

Collaboration. We create a collaborative environment whereby all ideas are judged fairly.  We have a strong group of sub-consultants and specialized resources to create teh best design team possible.

Sustainable. Sustainable design and practices are central to all of our buildings and environments we create.

Context. The value of regional and local context always informs the design.  The context is seen not just in terms of physical context, but in the nature and the values of the human context as well.

Practicality. Our solutions are informed by a deep level of understanding of construction means and methods and we consistently deliver solutions that are practical and affordable.




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